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True capital of the Costa Blanca, Benidorm is one of the symbols of the Spanish tourist growth, the small village of fishermen and farmers, which had 2.000 inhabitants at the beginning of the century, has grown into one of the most important tourist complexes of the world, capable of lodging 5.000.000 visitors a year. Theme parks, tennis, squash, golf, athletics, go-karts, paragliding, swimming, sailing, motor boats, rowing, fishing and deep sea diving are just some of the activities that Benidorm and its surroundings offer you as well as offering you a rich cuisine with a wide choice of rice and fish. The secret of Benidormīs attraction as a tourist destination is in its beaches and the variety of leisure activities on offer. Benidorm has a busy calendar of "Fiestas" (Spanish holidays), a wide range of excursions to offer the visitor, a magical nightlife, a rich and varied gastronomy and endless possibilities of entertainment. For all these reasons and many more Benidorm is the ideal destination for all, donīt think about it any more and come and see for yourself.

Landscape And Nature

Benidorm is situated in a beautiful bay, divided into two sections by the rock of the old castle and facing south, while the remaining cardinal points are protected by mountainous chains from the strong Levante winds and the cold northern winds. Benidorm island emerges from the south 2 miles from the castle. Just off the island, a few metres under the sea one can find the "Llosa", a true diverīs paradise. Apart from the beaches with 5 kms of fine golden sand, one can enjoy the small "calas" (small inlets situated on the coast which finish in the small beaches situated in the Rincon de Loix), the impressive cliffs of more than 400 metres high or hill walking in Sierra Helada. A whole world of nature and true mediteranean landscape.


Benidorm is a town for everybody, its special qualities and its experience in receiving a multiple and diverse tourism throughout a century has made it into a meeting place for people of all nationalities, types, ages and cultures who have not only adopted Spainīs traditions but in doing so have crossed frontiers by giving them recognition.


Benidorm offers you apart from its varied calendar of "Fiestas" numerous cultural activities from popular festival to street concerts, theatre groups, choirs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars of every type. In particular one could mention the prestigous "Foro de Turismo" and the internationally known song festival to name but two.


The first settlement of Benidormīs population was probably originated in the "Tossal de la Cala" an archaelogical settlement of international importance, from which the famous "Venus Baquica" also known under the name of Tanit originates, which is conserved in the provincial archaeological museum of Alicante. Benidorm is thus born on the 8th May 1325 , when Bernat de Sarria, Lord of the Baronia de Polop, confers it the "carta de Poblamiento". In the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries the importance of Benidorm diminishes greatlyl with the pirate raids and lack of water. In the 18th century two significant religous happenings occur, the beginning of the works of the parish of St James and the discovery of the Virgen of Sufragio in 1740, Patron Saint of Benidorm. It is in this century when the fishermen acquire international prestige by being entrusted with the instalation of nearly all the "almadrabas" of the Mediteranean (a difficult art of Tuna fishing involving a complicated system of nets). During the war of independence Benidorm is occupied by Napoleonic troups and then in the first half of the 19th century a new commercial activity is started, coastal traffic, changing the direction of the population towards more dependence on the civil navy. In the second half of the last century tourism begins to move towards Benidorm. There is much publicity around this time in various national newspapers of the "establishment of Spas from the Ronda sea" situated on the Levante beach. Due to this and the post war confidence of the 50's Benidorm takes off touristically with the arrival of large groups of travellers through tour operators and travel agencies due to the general introduction in the west of package holidays. At present near to 5.000.000 visitors a year turn Benidorm into the leading tourist destination of the Mediteranean


Traditionally having always made a living from the sea the growth of tourism has now determined the economy of Benidorm. Benidorm is a modern town with more than 35.000 beds in hotel establishments and innumerable possibilities of accommodation in apartments , hostals and campsites, making it possible for the tourist trade to be active all year round. A great variety of shops souvenirs, expensive boutiques, jewellry shops, leather goods or bizarres not to mention the popular typical and picturesque local markets) and a rich and varied gastronomy as much local as foreign adds to the attractiveness of leisuretime, the sun and the beaches. These are the bases which make Benidorm a privileged destination.

Festive Calendar

In Benidorm you may enjoy "Fallas", carnavals, Easter celebrations, the bonfires of San Juan and the Moors and Christian festivities to name but a few of the numerous "fiestas" that make it the busiest calendar in all the province of Alicante. The fiestas of the Patron Saint are celebrated in November in honor of St James and the Virgen del Sufragio, whose miraculous discovery is dramatized in the month of March. The "Fiestas de la carxofa" are celebrated in the old part of the town the 3rd week in November and are the oldest fiestas in Benidorm. A town with a permanent succesion of fiestas whose nights are illuminated with the spectacular firework displays.

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